Farringdon Studio
Late 1964

23 West Smithfield is the former London address of Farringdon Studio. This was the location of photographer Robert Whitaker's first assignment with the Beatles in late 1964. As with Whitaker's later photo sessions in '65 and '66, this one also features an obsession with props. The visual theme seems to be seasons and holidays throughout the year. Wouldn't these photos make a great Beatles calendar? Well, at least it would be more interesting than the bland calendars Apple has put together recently. Since we don't know the exact sequence of the photo shoot, let's proceed with the fantasy calendar theme:

In January, the Beatles celebrate New Years with a Champagne toast.

February is a good time for a warm cup of tea.

March is time for...eh, I don't have a clue really.

April showers bring May flowers, and the Beatles are ready with their umbrellas.

May is spring time, so the Bealtes "spring" into action.

June is warm enough for a nice group shot without those jackets.

July sunshine is causing things to heat up.

What August and September (or any other month) have to do with these pictures is beyond me.

In October, the Beatles celebrate John's birthday on the 9th with a nice cake.

November is filled with falling leaves and the Bealtes are kept busy sweeping them up.

December brings Christmas and presents for everyone.