The Beatles
Voyage of the Fritz
April 9, 1969


Among the photographers this day was Bruce McBroom.
The Beatles first gathered at an unknown indoor location somewhere in London.

Next, they posed on a sofa in front of a large mirror. Linda and Yoko also sat with them for some pictures taken here.

The Beatles and company then gathered outdoors next to the Madingley Club (on Willoughby Road). They first posed leaning against John's Rolls-Royce with the River Thames behind them.


Venturing further down the road (which changes names to Ducks Walk) the Beatles came upon a dock and some boats. After only a few pictures are taken, John decided to change back into his black jacket.

Boarding one of the boats, they sat and posed for pictures.

After boarding another boat (the Fritz Otto Maria Anna), the Beatles left the dock for a voyage along the River Thames. They eventually made their way to a small mid-stream island where they waved back at the photographers on the mainland. Then it was time for the return trip back to the dock.

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