Sherriff Road
Fall of 1965

West Hampstead Studios in London's Sherriff Road is where the Beatles came for their second formal session with photographer Robert Whitaker, the exact date of which is unknown. However, it most likely occurred in October or November 1965. For the occasion an elaborate set was created by Stuart Brisley and theatre designer Carol Russel using mirrors, silver foil, polythene sheets and blocks of polystyrene. One photo from this session went on to serve as the cover of the British EP Yesterday issued on March 4th 1966. Another photo was featured on the cover of the Beatles 1966 USA Tour Program.

Notice how many of the visual themes and ideas developing here, are a natural step in a progression which would eventually culminate in the "butcher" cover for the Yesterday & Today LP (also photographed by Robert Whitaker only a few months later on March 25, 1966).