EPiC deck an Expanded Playing Card deck suitable for prototyping new games or playing a wide variety of already available games. EPiC deck is designed to look as similar as possible to a traditional 52 card french deck (i.e. the same look and feel of a standard poker deck). It is comprised of 288 cards total. One is not expected to utilize all 288 cards at once, but rather build a deck based upon a sub-set of cards particular to needs of the game to be played. All EPiC deck card images are freely available so one can print their own deck at home, or use an online card printing company.

Suit colors for spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds match those found in a standard four-color poker deck:
spades  0-20  spades  0-20

spades  0-20  spades  0-20

More examples of the number cards...
cups  0-20  plates  0-20

stars  0-20  shields  0-20

All cards numbered 11 through 20 feature an inverted face design developed by John Lund. This design provides flexibility allowing the deck to adapt to the needs of various games. For example, based upon the needs of a particular game, the card below can fuction as...
13 of starts13
based upon text
based upon pip quantity
based upon pip quantity and pip hollowness

The suits for anchors and shells contain only a few cards. Their primary purpose is to accomidate games requiring a deck built of one 1, two 2s, three 3s, etc. up to twelve 12s.
twelve 12s

Here are some examples of the letter cards.
fools  jacks  queens  

Rank the letter cards as you see fit. For example; Fool, Jack, Cavalier, Bishop, Rook, Wizard, Princess, Queen, King, and Ace.

All Cavalier, Bishop and Rook cards are provided in both light and dark versions. This allows one to mimic a standard chess board line-up.
chess cards

Lest we forget, there are also six Mythical Monsters lurking about.

EPiC files for download:

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    EPiC deck was created by Mark Taylor using nanDECK software.
    The numbered cards are based upon John Lund's programming for a Pipped Extended Deck.
    Letter and number fonts are from Card Characters, and suit pip fonts are from Harold's Pips (both fonts by Harold Lohner).

Contact info:
    mark_nems at yahoo dot com