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       The Final Lineup

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After the departure of Derwood and Mark Laff, Billy Idol and Tony James recruit former Chelsea guitarist James Stevenson and ex-Clash drummer Terry Chimes, re-christen the group Gen X, and go on to release one LP Kiss Me Deadly in 1981, before breaking up.

1980: GEN X
21-Nov-80Concert Chelsea, Summa (Congo) Club.  Submission / Gen X
28-Nov-80Concert Chelsea, Summa (Congo) Club.  Submission / Gen X
06-Dec-80 Concert West Runton, Pavilion.
07-Dec-80 Concert Leeds, Fan Club.
10-Dec-80 Concert Manchester, Polytechnic.
11-Dec-80Concert Middlesbrough, Rock Garden.
12-Dec-80Concert Retford, Porterhouse.
13-Dec-80Concert Hatfield, Polytechnic.
17-Dec-80Concert Slough, Marrymakers.
18-Dec-80Concert Sheffield, Limit Club.
19-Dec-80Concert Scarborough, Taboo Club.
20-Dec-80Concert Liverpool, Brady's.

Gen X continue into 1981:

1981: GEN X
06-Jan-81 Concert Nottingham, Rock City.
07-Jan-81Concert London, Paris Theatre
22-Jan-81 Concert Watersmeet, Rickmansworth (cancelled).
23-Jan-81 Concert Nottingham, Rock City (cancelled).
24-Jan-81Concert Birmingham, Cedar Ballroom (cancelled).
09-Mar-81Concert Brighton, Top Rank (cancelled).

Idol and James reach the end of the road... 


Special thanks to Mark Gale for research and assistance in developing this timeline.
Special thanks to James Stevenson for assistance with the timeline and the Congo Club flyer.

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