A rock 'n' roll garage band

Asylum were a garage band formed by four teenagers in the California cities of San Jose and Campbell. With the exception of the drummer, none of them could really play. However, they didn't let that stop them from writing and performing original songs. In true garage band fashion, what they lacked in musicianship, they made up for in energy and fun


March 1983 -  Asylum start rehearsing in the garage of the drummers house.

June 1983 - Performance at a backyard party (at Steve G's house).

July 1983 - Performance at a backyard birthday party (at Sheila's house).

October 1983 - Performance at a Halloween party (in a barn in Los Gatos). Click here to view the set list.

April 1984 - The drummer quits.

June 1984 - Recording of Where's This City's Youth? at Hot Tracks Studio. The singer doubles on drums. Afterwards there were no further activities by the band until April of the next year.

April 1985 - All four original members decide to re-activate the band and start rehearsing.

June 1985 - After only two months of rehearsals, the band break up for good.


Dream Girl
Strange Voices
Where's This City's Youth?
You're Gone Again
No Time To Cry
The Lively One
Falling Just Short (of where you want to be)


Asylum at Sheila's party in July '83.

Rockin' the Halloween party in 1983.

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More at the Halloween party in 1983.